Arcy at Home, a locally owned personal assistance service, offers compassionate, quality care, allowing you to remain safe and independent in your home or community. 

  • HOME CARE PROVIDED TO PATIENTS 24/7-  shifts available from 6 to 24 hours
  • CERTIFIED CAREGIVERS- from companions to certified nursing assistants to nurses, offering a full array of services
  • NURSING CARE- including wound care, blood sugar testing, insulin administration, tube feedings, Foley catheter care, medication management and more.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED CARE PLANS DEVELOPED UNIQUE TO EACH PATIENT allows for flexibility to add or discontinue services as the patient’s condition changes.

Senior Home Care

Non-medical senior home care gives seniors back control of their lives by providing them with personal assistance when they need it most. Whether an elderly person requires aid with getting dressed or bathing, companionship throughout the day, transportation services, light housekeeping, errands run, or medication reminders, non-medical senior home care specialists are there every step of the way.

Not only does this type of care give seniors peace of mind; it allows them to maintain independence without having to sacrifice safety or comfort.

What Is Non-Medical Home Care?

Non-medical home care is an invaluable service that allows seniors to remain independent, safe, and comfortable in the comfort of their own homes. 

It provides a means for elderly adults to maintain their autonomy while receiving assistance with everyday tasks such as:

  • light housekeeping
  • meal preparation 
  • transportation
  • companionship 


Home care services are tailored to each individual’s needs, which may be temporary or ongoing depending on one’s circumstances. 

The goal is always to promote independence so seniors can continue living their lives in their own homes without feeling like they’re unable to do things for themselves. 

Non-medical home care also offers peace of mind for family members who otherwise would worry about the well-being of their loved ones when away from them. 

Receiving help from caring individuals makes it possible for elders to feel secure and supported even when alone at home. This type of home care helps prevent loneliness amongst senior citizens by providing meaningful conversations and activities that enrich their days. 

With non-medical home care, seniors have access to the support they need while still having freedom over how they live life – no matter where they call home!

How Does Non-Medical Home Care Benefit Seniors?

Non-medical home care is a growing industry that is providing seniors with the assistance they need to remain in their own homes. 

Studies have found that nearly 90% of elderly people prefer to stay at home rather than move into an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Non-medical home care offers many benefits for seniors, including:

  1. Increased Independence: Seniors often feel more independent and able to maintain some level of autonomy when receiving non-medical senior home care services, instead of being placed in a nursing home environment.
  2. Quality Care: Non-medical senior home care providers can offer personalized attention and quality care tailored specifically to each individual’s needs.
  3. Safety & Security: In-home caregivers are equipped with specialized skills such as medication management, fall prevention, personal hygiene assistance, meal preparation, and other activities essential for promoting safety and security within the home environment.
  4. Socialization Opportunities: Home caregivers provide companionship and socialization opportunities that help reduce isolation, loneliness, depression and boredom associated with aging in place.
  5. Reduced stress – Family members don’t have to worry about providing around-the-clock supervision as trained professionals manage all aspects of senior care from medication reminders to meal preparation and beyond.

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How Does Senior Home Care Help Family Caregivers?

Family caregiving can be a difficult task, and having senior home care assistance is essential for family caregivers. Providing the appropriate level of support for an aging loved one requires time and energy that many families simply don’t have. With professional homecare services, family members can rest assured that their elderly relative is in good hands.

Home care assistance allows family caregivers to take much-needed breaks from their responsibilities, allowing them to spend quality time with other family members or pursue leisure activities. 

Professional home health aides are also able to provide more comprehensive care than what may be possible by relying on friends and neighbors alone. 

Having access to professional caregivers means peace of mind when it comes to managing day-to-day tasks such as:


  • Bathing 
  • Dressing
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation needs, and more.


Professional homecare services give seniors the independence they desire while ensuring their safety at all times – enabling both seniors and their families to enjoy greater freedom and happiness. 

Whether you’re looking for full-time help or just occasional respite relief during special occasions, non-medical senior home care can make life easier for everyone involved.

How To Choose A Non-Medical Home Care Agency In The Dallas Metro Area?

Choosing the right non-medical home care agency is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. When researching a provider like Arcy at Home, in the Dallas Metro Area, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Reputation – Make sure you look up reviews and ask around for recommendations from people who have used their services before. 
  • It’s also worth checking out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for any relevant ratings or warnings about a particular company.
  • Services Offered – Different agencies may offer different types of services depending on what your needs are. 
  • Ask questions such as “do they provide 24/7 care?” or “what kind of activities do they engage in with seniors?” so that you can make sure you choose an agency that meets your requirements.

The importance of finding a reliable home care agency Arcy at Home cannot be overstated; it’s crucial to find someone who will take excellent care of your loved one while providing them with respect and freedom. Take some time to research each potential provider carefully before making a final decision so that you can rest assured knowing your senior family member is getting quality care.

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What Types Of Services Are Offered With Non-Medical Home Care?

Services offered with non-medical home care vary depending on individual needs, but generally include assistance with:

  • Personal hygiene 
  • Bathing 
  • Dressing
  • Companionship
  • Conversation
  • Running errands
  • Groceries
  • Prescriptions
  • Help with pet care
  • Preparing meals based on dietary restrictions
  • Performing light housekeeping duties 
  • Laundry
  • Organizing mail 
  • Providing medication reminders
  • Assisting with exercises prescribed by healthcare professionals
  • Offering respite support for family caregivers


For those looking for ways to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of aging loved ones without relying solely on medical interventions, non-medical senior home care may offer something special: freedom from worry. 

With compassionate caregivers trained to provide personalized service tailored just for them, seniors can continue living life on their own terms even if physical limitations make it more difficult than before.

How Does Senior Home Care Provide Safety For Seniors?

Senior home care with Arcy at Home provides safety for seniors in a variety of ways. 

First, it allows them to remain independent and stay in their own homes while still receiving the support they need. With this type of care, seniors can maintain their daily routines and activities without worrying about having someone else take over or being stuck inside. Seniors are free to come and go as they please with senior home care services providing assistance when needed.

In addition, senior home care providers offer companionship which is important for socialization among seniors who may be isolated due to lack of mobility. 

They also provide personal hygiene assistance such as bathing, grooming, dressing and toileting, all of which help keep seniors safe from falls or other injuries that could occur if done alone. 

Other safety measures include:

  • monitoring medications so that doses are taken on time and properly monitored;
  • helping with meals so that proper nutrition is maintained; 
  • assisting with household tasks like laundry and cleaning; 
  • providing transportation services; 
  • escorting seniors to appointments; 
  • coordinating medical appointments; 
  • providing fall prevention education; 
  • setting up ramps or grab bars where necessary;
  • offering 24-hour emergency call service.


These services ensure that seniors have access to whatever resources they may need while remaining safely within their own environment at all times, allowing them to enjoy a higher quality of life with more independence than ever before.

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