MaximaCare is home care you can trust. It has been providing Medicare-certified and state-licensed skilled nursing care to the community since 2005.  It is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and a member of the Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice.

Our goal is to help people improve their functional abilities or return to their prior level of functioning so they can live as independently as possible. With home health, patients are more likely to remain at home, instead of in hospitals and long-term care placements.

With offices in both Flower Mound and Bonham, we service a large area of North Texas. MaximaCare is also a certified Great Place to Work.

Chronic Disease Care

We provide chronic disease management services for diseases such as CHF, COPD, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, and many more. Home health care for chronic diseases helps individuals manage their condition(s) and live comfortably at home with a minimum amount of stress and disruption in familiar surroundings.
Top Chronic Disease Care in North Texas by MaximaCare Home Health. Senior Home Care, Companion Care, Hospice, Supportive Care at Home, Skilled Nursing Care. Learn More. Call Today.

Home Health Care

Our team understands that living with an illness can be difficult and overwhelming, so we are here to provide compassionate support through our quality home health care services. We know it’s important to have access to high-quality medical professionals who understand your needs while providing essential treatments at home. That’s why we strive to make sure each patient receives personalized attention tailored specifically towards their unique situation.

At MaximaCare Home Health, we believe everyone should be able to experience freedom within the comfort of their own homes – regardless of disabilities or illnesses they may face. Our experienced staff is committed to helping patients achieve this goal, offering dependable and reliable assistance so they can regain control over their lives.

Overview Of Home Health Care

Home health care offers an incredible array of services to those in the Dallas Metro area. It provides life-changing freedom and independence that many thought was impossible before this new technology became available. By providing comprehensive home health care, medical professionals are able to offer individuals a greater level of comfort while still receiving quality medical treatment and support.

No longer do patients have to spend long hours in waiting rooms or driving back and forth from appointments. 

With home health care, they can receive personalized attention without ever leaving their homes. This type of service ensures that everyone is getting the same quality care no matter where they live or what their income may be. 

The team at MaximaCare Home Health understands the importance of delivering state-of-the-art treatments in an environment that promotes healing and recovery—all from the comfort of your own home. 

Our staff works hard to provide excellent customer service so that you can feel confident knowing you’re receiving reliable, consistent care tailored specifically to your individual needs. We also strive to make sure our patients get timely access to all necessary resources so they can benefit from top-notch medical treatments right away!

Our leadership, mission, values and vision have allowed us to shine above the rest. Find out more about MaximaCare Home Health.

Providing home health care in Dallas, Plano, Lewisville, Gainesville, Frisco, Flower Mound, Denton, Coppell, Carrollton, McKinney and surrounding areas.

Top Home Health Care in North Texas by MaximaCare Home Health. Senior Home Care, Companion Care, Hospice, Supportive Care at Home, Skilled Nursing Care. Learn More. Call Today.

Nursing Care At Home

Skilled nurses offer personalized attention and ensure the quality of life when treating their clients in their own homes with compassion and respect. Skilled nurses can provide a wide range of treatments including wound care, IV therapy, nutritional support, medication management, and more.

Home-based nursing care also provides greater independence by allowing individuals to remain in control of their environment while getting the help they need from trained professionals. 

The ability to stay within familiar surroundings during medical procedures greatly reduces stress levels, making it easier for those undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or dialysis to get through difficult times. 

Home health aides can assist with everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, eating, exercise programs, and other daily activities that may be too complicated for some people due to age or disability status. 

Professional caregivers give families peace of mind knowing that loved ones are safe and being taken care of with dignity and respect.

We strive to provide the highest quality of care at an affordable cost. Reach out to us today to get started.

About MaximaCare Home Health in North Texas

Physical Therapy Services At Home

Here are 2 ways home healthcare providers offer physical therapy services:

  • Customized Programs: Home health providers create custom programs tailored to each patient’s individual needs, ensuring that they get the effective treatment that works best for them.
  • Evidence-Based Treatments: Physical therapists use evidence-based techniques such as manual therapy, exercise prescription, strength training, balance activities, and more to help improve mobility and functionality.


This unique type of care helps individuals remain independent and safe while allowing them to embrace a sense of freedom within their own environment as they work towards achieving better overall wellness.

Speech Therapy Services At Home

MaximaCare Home Health offers speech therapy services for patients who need additional help with their communication skills. Our team of experienced and certified professionals provide personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs – helping them develop better vocalization, pronunciation, and clarity.

We strive to create an environment where patients feel comfortable expressing themselves and can build confidence in their ability to communicate effectively. From basic conversation exercises to more complex techniques like articulation drills, we will work together to address any areas needing improvement.

We strive to provide the highest quality of care at an affordable cost. Reach out to us today to get started.

Benefits of Home Health Care

Home health care provides patients with a range of benefits. In-home skilled nursing care can help improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions and improve quality of life. It also offers many advantages that make it an attractive alternative to traditional medical facilities:

  • Cost Savings – Home health is often more affordable than other forms of healthcare, as it eliminates travel costs, copays or coinsurance fees, and costly treatments associated with hospital stays.
  • More Time Spent With Family – At-home health care allows patients to spend more time with their family while receiving the same level of medical attention they would receive from a hospital setting.
  • Comfort & Convenience – Patients are able to stay in familiar surroundings which can be comforting for them during this difficult time. Additionally, there’s no need to adjust schedules or miss work since services are provided onsite at home.
  • Access To Specialized Care – Home health nursing care gives access to experienced professionals who specialize in treating specific conditions like chronic illnesses, post-surgery recovery, physical therapy and end-of-life needs. These specialized nurses have extensive knowledge about managing complex medical issues and administering medications safely.


The convenience and effectiveness of home health care makes it increasingly popular among patients in the Dallas area who want to maintain their independence without sacrificing quality medical attention. 

By providing personalized treatment plans tailored specifically for each individual patient’s needs, home health services empower individuals within their own homes so they can live the best possible lives given their circumstances.

Occupational Therapy Services At Home

Occupational therapy at home is an important part of home health care. It can help patients get back to the activities they love, while also helping them manage their daily life with ease and independence. 

Occupational therapists provide a wide range of services that focus on improving patient mobility, cognition, memory and overall functioning so they can remain as independent as possible in their own homes.

The occupational therapist works closely with the patient’s family and other healthcare providers to develop tailored plans for each client’s individual needs. 

In addition to providing physical therapy treatments such as therapeutic exercises and stretches, the occupational therapist may also assist with daily living tasks like cooking and dressing, or using adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers.

Our specialty programs include:


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Meet the Team

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