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Answers to Your Five Questions About Elder Care Service

Elder care is designed to help your parents stay independent when aging at home.
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Elder care is designed to help your parents stay independent when aging at home. Services may be temporary while your mom and dad recover from a surgery or illness. They may need daily services to help them meet their goal of aging at home. 
When it comes to elder care, people often have a lot of questions but aren’t sure where to start. Here are the five questions that usually come up during a family conversation about elder care. 
How Do You Know It’s Time for Elder Care Services? 
Are there specific signs to look for that help you better understand if it’s time for elder care services? There are a few to keep watching for. Check out your parents’ home and see if there are things they just aren’t doing. Stacks of dirty laundry, piles of dishes, and floors that aren’t getting vacuumed or swept are clues. 
Count their prescription medications when you stop by. If they’ve skipped multiple doses, there’s a problem. If they’re taking too many doses because they can’t remember if they took them or not, it’s also a problem as it can affect their health. 
Also look that they’re still driving okay, that they get dressed in appropriate clothing for the weather, and that they eat the right foods. If there are possible issues, elder care is an important consideration. 
How Do You Approach Your Parents? 
The best approach is an honest one. Explain the benefits of elder care and why it would help them remain independent. If the thought of moving to assisted living frightens them, elder care is a great alternative that keeps them at home. 
What Services Are Most Popular? 
Companionship is one of the most popular elder care services. Instead of having caregivers doing specific things like cooking meals or cleaning the home, they could have caregivers stopping by to play a game, watch a movie, or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. 
Can You Add or Drop Services? 
When you arrange elder care, you’re not stuck with the same services for years. If your parents’ needs change, the services can be added or dropped to fit their changing abilities. 
How Much Does It Cost? 
This is a harder question to answer as it depends on the schedule, services, and the number of hours elder care is required. If you’re worried about affording elder care, tell the representative when you make a call. 
The elder care specialist can go over the different prices and help you find the right care plan for your parents’ budget. Get started by making a call. 

If you or an aging loved-one is considering home care (private duty services),  please contact the caring staff at MaximaCare Home Health, a division of Arcy Healthcare today. 888-471-1111.

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