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Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

With personal care at home, seniors have support from trained professionals who know how to help them shower, use the bathroom, get dressed, and do other hygiene tasks safely.
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The kitchen and the bathroom are the most dangerous rooms in the home for seniors. Seniors who are living alone often fall in the bathroom when they are trying to shower or get ready for the day. Slick floors, water puddles, soapy shower or tub floors, towels that fall on the floor, and other hazards can all cause seniors to get hurt in the bathroom.

If your senior parent is living alone and you’re worried about their ability to shower and use the bathroom safely consider getting personal care at home for them. With personal care at home, seniors have support from trained professionals who know how to help them shower, use the bathroom, get dressed, and do other hygiene tasks safely. You can also use these bathroom safety tips for seniors to make sure your senior parent is safe in the bathroom:

Install Grab Bars

Installing grab bars in strategic locations throughout the bathroom gives your senior parent stability and support where they need it. Place grab bars near the toilet, bathtub, and shower to assist with sitting, standing, and maneuvering in and out of the tub or shower. Make sure the grab bars are securely mounted to the wall and can support your senior parent’s weight.

Use Non-Slip Mats

Place non-slip mats or adhesive strips on the bathroom floor, both inside and outside the tub or shower, to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Non-slip mats provide traction and stability, especially on wet surfaces. Additionally, consider using a bath or shower mat with suction cups to prevent slips while standing in the shower. If you’re worried about the mats slipping you can also paint the existing floors with a material designed to rough it up so it won’t be slippery.

Install a Shower Chair or Bench

For seniors who have difficulty standing for long periods or have balance issues, a shower chair or bench can provide a safe and comfortable seating option while bathing. Choose a sturdy, waterproof chair with non-slip feet and adjustable height so that your senior parent can adjust it to be comfortable for them.

Adjust Water Temperature

Set the water heater thermostat to a safe temperature to prevent scalding accidents. The water temperature should be below 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) to avoid burns. Consider installing anti-scald devices or thermostatic mixing valves in the shower to regulate water temperature and prevent sudden fluctuations.

Change the Lighting

Ensure that the bathroom is well-lit to improve visibility and reduce the risk of tripping or bumping into objects. Install bright, energy-efficient LED lights or use nightlights to illuminate pathways during nighttime. Adding motion-activated lights near the toilet and sink is a great way to make sure that your senior parent has enough light without them having to struggle to find the light switch at night.

Clear Clutter

Remove unnecessary clutter from the bathroom to create a clear and unobstructed space. Keep toiletries, towels, and other items organized and stored in cabinets or shelves to prevent tripping hazards. Consider using wall-mounted storage solutions to maximize space and keep essential items within reach. You can also add wall-mounted dispensers for soap, shampoo, and conditioner in the shower so that your senior parent doesn’t trip on bottles that fall on the floor or slip in soap that has leaked from bottles that aren’t closed properly.

Raise Toilet Seat Height

Consider installing a raised toilet seat or toilet seat riser to make it easier for seniors to sit down and stand up from the toilet. Raised toilet seats reduce the distance seniors need to lower themselves, minimizing strain on their knees and hips.

Keep Emergency Supplies Accessible

In case of an accident or medical emergency, keep emergency supplies such as a phone, first aid kit, and emergency contact information within easy reach. Consider installing a waterproof phone or emergency call button in the bathroom for added peace of mind.

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