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Helping Your Senior Use the Bathroom

In-home care can provide support for these physical needs such as needing assistance to use the bathroom.
In-Home Care in Flower Mound TX

Going to the bathroom is every day, and it seems simple to you. When you have to go, well, you have to go. You may run to the bathroom and go quickly or have to find a place with a public restroom. However, this can seem like a huge battle when you’re older. It may become much harder to go on your own. This can be embarrassing and leave a senior in a vulnerable position. They may not want to rely on adult children or family members for help. Sometimes in specific cases, relying on professional in-home care can be much easier because it is more comfortable for your loved one. A senior may not want you to help, but in case of emergencies, you must know how to help your loved one go to the bathroom without embarrassing them or making them feel bad. Here are the tips that will help you when the time comes.

The Basics

Before your loved one needs help, set them up for success. You should prepare their bathroom for them, especially if they choose to age in place. Every bathroom should have non-slip mats to prevent falls, handrails in bathtubs and on the sides of toilets, raised toilet seats if necessary, and seniors should always have access to pads if they struggle to make it to the toilet. All of these can help a senior go to the bathroom without worrying. If your senior is bed-bound and doesn’t have a bathroom near them, they may benefit from having a bedpan or a commode. You should figure out what your loved one needs before buying many things.

Find a Good Routine

If you don’t yet have a routine with your loved one, this is something that in-home care can help with more than you think. Having a routine regarding food and hydration can also make bathroom trips more regular. This means that your senior loved one won’t become constipated or uncomfortable. When your senior uses the restroom around the same time every day, it can also help in-home care prepare to take your loved one to the bathroom. A routine is beneficial for everyone who is helping care for a senior.

Offer Physical Help

Sometimes seniors will need help walking and getting onto the toilet or in the bathtub. In-home care can ensure they have a clear path to the restroom and offer physical support on the way there. A senior may need to hold on to someone as they walk or help unbutton their clothing so they can use the restroom more effectively without making a mess. In-home care can provide support for these physical needs.

Talk to a Doctor

If your loved one hasn’t been going to the bathroom or is going more than usual, they should talk to a doctor about these issues. They may have an underlying health condition that is impacting their bathroom habits. When this is controlled, it may make going to the bathroom much easier.

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