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How Can Home Health Care Help Your Senior to Manage Bruising?

If you’re noticing that your senior is experiencing more frequent bruising, home health care might be able to help her.
Home Health Care McKinney, TX: Managing Bruising
Home Health Care McKinney, TX: Managing Bruising
Home Health Care McKinney, TX: Managing Bruising
Home Health Care McKinney, TX: Managing Bruising

Most aging adults look at bruising as just something they have to deal with as they get older. But when bruising becomes more severe or more frequent, there might be more that your elderly family member can do. Once your elderly family member knows what is behind her increased bruising, home health care services might be able to help her to keep tabs on what happens from that point forward.

When Is Easy Bruising a Bigger Problem?

There are lots of reasons your elderly family member could be experiencing bruising that is occurring more easily than ever before. Some medications can contribute to bruising, as can some health issues. If your elderly family member is having more difficulty with mobility, she may be running into objects more often. If you’re noticing bigger bruises a lot more often, especially if your senior has changed her medications, it’s really important to talk with her doctor.

Managing Bruising Because of Mobility Issues

Mobility issues such as poor balance and difficulty walking can mean that your elderly family member easily bruises herself. Home health care professionals can help your elderly family member to walk safely. They can also help her to use assistive devices like a walker in order to move more safely throughout her home and other places.

Managing Bruising Due to Medications and Health Problems

Bruising due to side effects from medications and because of other health issues is also not uncommon. Seniors tend to experience thinning of the fat layer under their skin as well as thinning skin as they age, which can contribute to even more bruising. Home health care providers can help your elderly family member to monitor her symptoms and side effects, which can help to reduce bruising.

Enlisting Other Therapies and Assistance

In some cases, your elderly family member may need additional help from physical or occupational therapists to manage the underlying causes of her bruising. Nutritional changes may also help, as well as having help with tasks like cooking healthy meals. Elder care services can make those situations easier to manage. Home health care can help to coordinate all of these different services so that your senior gets the assistance that she needs. 

Keeping Medical Providers Informed

Home health care professionals also work alongside your aging family member’s doctors, helping them to stay informed about what is happening with her health. This can help your elderly family member to avoid going to the doctor more often than is comfortable for her, which is especially important when she’s already dealing with health issues that sap her energy and strength. Having that help right there with your senior also helps you to feel more comfortable about your senior’s situation.

Depending on the causes of your elderly family member’s more frequent bruising, she might not be able to completely avoid the bruises every single time they recur. But she may find that having some additional help makes managing those causes a lot easier for her to handle on a regular basis.

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