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How Do Palliative Care and Hospice Care Differ from Each Other?

It’s easy to get confused about some of the types of care available to your senior, especially when you’re talking about palliative care.
Palliative Care Denton, TX: Types of Care and Seniors
Palliative Care Denton, TX: Types of Care and Seniors
Palliative Care Denton, TX: Types of Care and Seniors

At first blush, hospice care and palliative care might sound an awful lot alike. Both tend to be options at the end of someone’s life and they involve caring for people dealing with complicated health. But palliative care does have some very big differences that can be a huge benefit for your senior and for your entire family. 

When Each Type of Care Is Available to Your Senior 

Typically, hospice care is a treatment recommended by your senior’s medical team when she is expected to have around six months left in her life. Palliative care, on the other hand, is available at any time your senior wants to begin receiving it. Palliative care is usually made available for people who are diagnosed with a chronic, progressive illness. 

Palliative Care Helps Families Understand What’s Happening 

One of the most difficult things about a diagnosis for your senior that you weren’t expecting is that you might not know what you’re up against. This can be a frustrating situation to navigate all alone, and doctors may be able to offer only so much help. Palliative care can offer much more education for your senior and for the entire family. They can help you all to prepare for what’s happening next. 

Palliative Therapies Focus on Assisting with Emotional Issues 

There are a lot of difficult emotions that arise when facing mortality and difficult health issues. Palliative care services offer ways for your senior to deal with these emotions and thoughts in a way that is healthy and that allows her to process them effectively. As new emotions and thoughts arise, that help is still there. 

Your Senior Still Might Want Curative Therapies 

Another big difference between these options is that when your senior chooses hospice care, all curative treatments must stop. Palliative care works hand-in-hand with curative therapies, allowing your senior to meet all of her various needs on all levels. This is a much more thorough and holistic approach to managing a difficult illness at this stage of her life. 

Palliative care is a very different type of treatment solution than your senior may have had access to in the past. It is a way for all of her family and her to come to terms with what’s happening and to offer up the best combination of solutions for where she is now and for where she wants to be in the future. 

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Palliative Care in Denton, TX please contact the caring staff at Arcy Healthcare today. 469-293-1515 

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