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What Vegetables Your Senior Parent Should Be Eating This Fall

Your loved one can significantly benefit from hiring in-home care to help them incorporate vegetables into their meal plans.
In-Home Care in Plano TX
In-Home Care in Plano TX

Eating seasonally is one of the best ways to ensure a well-rounded and fresh diet. Often, doctors will ask a senior to eat as many fresh things as possible. This can seem impossible in the winter when you think canned foods are the only way to get any form of vegetables. While canned is fine, there are certain vegetables your senior parent can still enjoy this winter, and they do contain a lot of health benefits you may not even know about. Here is what your elderly mom or dad should be eating this winter.

Winter Squash

Believe it or not, you can find amazing, colorful, and yummy vegetables during the winter, including winter squash. You can find them fresh throughout the local grocery store, lasting for a little while. There are different varieties like butternut, acorn, and delicata squash. You can cut them open, pan-sear them, or bake them until they are nice and crispy.

If your loved one is struggling getting to and from the store, they may need more help at home. You can give them rides, but they may also want to be more independent than that. Your loved one can significantly benefit from hiring in-home care to help them. These professionals will help your senior mom or dad get to and from places like the grocery store.

Kale and Radicchio

Kale and radicchio are both very hardy vegetables and are actually easy to find during fall and winter. You can find these fresh in the store and eat them baked or as a salad. Remember that many seniors prefer these vegetables baked because they can be hard to digest raw, and it may cause severe stomach pain. These should be eaten in moderation and make it something fun and delicious. Eating kale during the wintertime doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s time to have in-home care cut up a kale salad with green apples.


Parsnips are shaped like carrots, but they have a spicier note and an earthy flavor. They are divine when baked but can also be great shaved on a winter salad. Parsnips only become fully developed when exposed to extremely cold temperatures, which is why you can find them fresh at your local store in winter. Keep in mind that it is a strong-flavored vegetable, and your senior may need to mix it with something sweeter. Either way, they are great pan-fried, raw, or baked in the oven.


Leeks are like very mild onions and can be turned into a fantastic stew or soup. It’s a great way to add vegetables into a diet. They are silky and can be blended into a soup or roasted with other vegetables. Leeks are super versatile and one of the best things to grab at the store for fresh foods. In-home care can easily squeeze a few leeks into multiple meals!

Vegetables are wonderful for seniors to eat, and they should be encouraged to eat as many as possible. Eating seasonally has many wonderful benefits and it could drastically impact a seniors quality of life.

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