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4 Ways Home Health Care Helps Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's: Home Health Care Dallas TX
Alzheimer's: Home Health Care Dallas TX

Seniors with Alzheimer’s can benefit greatly from home health care. Getting medical care can be disruptive and scary for seniors who have Alzheimer’s, and it can be frustrating and difficult for their family members. If you have a senior parent who has Alzheimer’s, you should look into home health care options to meet their routine medical needs. With home health care, most trips to the doctor’s office for routine care can be avoided. Instead, care can be given at home where seniors with Alzheimer’s will get less upset because they will be in a familiar environment.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be very beneficial for seniors with Alzheimer’s, but it can be difficult for them to participate in a physical therapy session outside the home. Seniors with Alzheimer’s can become so distracted or distraught that they can’t focus on completing the exercises and then they won’t get any benefit from the session. When home health care providers give physical therapy at home seniors who have Alzheimer’s should be better able to focus and perform the exercises so that they will get the full benefit of the therapy.

Caregiver Education

Home health care providers can also help caregivers understand more about caring for a senior with Alzheimer’s. The care provider can help caregivers understand how to manage medications, what their senior parent’s medical status is, and if they need to eat more or eat less. They are also able to deal with some of the common challenges that caregivers have when working with a senior parent who has Alzheimer’s like getting them to take medication or making sure they don’t wander in the middle of the night.

Managing Medication And Injections

Seniors that have Alzheimer’s often need medications to help slow down the progression of the disease. Things such as injections of pain medication and treatment for any other conditions they may have like diabetes. A home health care worker can give injects, start I.Vs. if necessary to keep seniors with Alzheimer’s hydrated, and make sure that they aren’t suffering any severe side effects from other medications. Treating a seniors with Alzheimer’s in their home will be much less traumatic for that senior and it can help a home health care worker deliver effective preventive care that seniors need.

Treatment For Falls And Other Conditions

Seniors with Alzheimer’s fall, just like other seniors. In fact seniors with Alzheimer’s may fall more than other seniors because they often have impaired balance and may suffer from vertigo or headaches that can make them dizzy. Treating a senior for a fall when that senior also has Alzheimer’s can be very difficult. Taking a senior with Alzheimer’s to the emergency room can be overwhelming for both seniors and caregivers, especially if their senior loved one no longer can participate in their own care. With home health care seniors who have Alzheimer’s and have a fall or have a medical event can be treated at home.

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