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Foods Senior Home Care Can Make Your Loved One

Senior home care can help so many people live a higher quality life just by meal prep.
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As your senior ages in place, certain things may go on the back burner. They may not want to cook anymore because they can’t stand for long periods, they have chronic conditions that make it hard, they can’t buy fresh foods, or they don’t know what to make to eat, fast food or frozen food. None of those have tons of vitamins and minerals that are important for a senior. Luckily, senior home care can help your loved one thrive while aging in place by helping them create fresh meals they can enjoy throughout the week. Senior home care can help so many people live a higher quality life just by meal prep. Here are some ideas on dishes senior home care can prepare for your loved one in the upcoming weeks.

Pasta Salad

If your loved one has a hard time with thick chunks of meat or raw vegetables, this is a perfect solution. This can be made with shredded up rotisserie chicken which is easier to chew and swallow, the vegetables can be raw or cooked but cut into small pieces, and the noodles are nice and soft. This is the perfect dish for seniors who need protein, carbs, and tons of vegetables. The best thing about making pasta salad is that it is perfect for seniors who need something cold in the summer and it is super easy to chew. This can be prepared in a massive batch on the weekend and something a senior can put out and eat for lunch or dinner multiple times during the week.

Salmon Salad

Your loved one may not be able to eat steak or giant slabs of meat but they will still need protein. One of the best things senior home care can do for your loved one is fresh salmon and then throw it on top of some greens with Italian dressing and lemon juice. Salmon is low-calorie and filled with protein that will keep your senior feeling full and fueled throughout the day. If your senior is not in the salad mood they can make this with whole wheat pasta instead! No matter what you try, salmon is a must!

Shepherds Pie

Shepherd’s pie is ground meat, vegetables, and mashed potatoes on the top. If your loved one is craving a good hearty meal, this is the one they can enjoy. Senior home care can prepare almost this entire meal in advance and it will last for a full week. If you need something that is less fatty, have senior home care, choose ground chicken or turkey, and instead of mashed potatoes they can do mashed cauliflower or any other vegetables a senior likes. There are classic recipes with peas and carrots but shepherd’s pie is totally versatile and you can use any vegetables in the pantry or fridge.

Turkey Chili

Before summer begins it is time to enjoy some chili. A big batch can be made and portioned out throughout the week. This usually comes with ground turkey, beans, and tons of seasoning. Your loved one can put almost anything they want into chili and they can make it as spicy as they want.

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