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Why Your Elderly Mom May Have High Blood Pressure

Here are some ways in-home care can help your senior loved one with high blood pressure.
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When you hear the term blood pressure it can be confusing, especially if you have never focused on it before. As your elderly mom gets older things start changing in her body and a higher focus will be placed on blood pressure. When you hear the term blood pressure in simple terms it means someone is measuring the pressure of circulating blood in the body. Most of what it has to do with is the pressure of blood pumping in and around the heart. That is why it is so important for a senior to focus on. If it is too high or too low it can be deadly for them. That is why many seniors should prioritize this aspect of health. Here are reasons why your senior loved one may have higher blood pressure than normal and how in-home care can help.

Being Overweight

As a person ages their body structure changes, their weight shifts, and they may move around less. If your senior loved one has extra weight they may also experience higher blood pressure. The body has to work extra hard to get blood around the body and this can be deadly. A heart might not be able to pump enough blood if a senior is overweight. One of the best things a senior can do is focus on diet and exercise. In-home care can help a senior manage their weight by encouraging them to move around every day and by helping them eat well-rounded healthy foods daily. Even if a senior cannot work out at the gym or run around their neighborhood they can still find ways to safely exercise in their homes which may help maintain a healthy weight.

High Sodium Diets

As a senior gets older they may cook less for many reasons. But they may also realize they still need to eat so they gravitate towards frozen meals which are super high in sodium. The more salt a person eats the more likely they will have high blood pressure. By consuming a ton of salt it disrupts the natural salt in the body which creates fluid retention in the body and means the body has to work extra hard to get blood pumping around the body.

Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol is an addictive substance and seniors who have formed the habit of drinking each afternoon may be more at risk of developing high blood pressure. As someone is consuming alcohol all of their cortisol and calcium levels rise which also means their blood pressure can go up. Bad habits like smoking and drinking should be discouraged the older someone gets. These habits can lead to health issues that are hard to take care of. One of the best ways to live a high-quality life while aging in place is by finding healthy habits that make your body feel good.

Family History

If a senior’s family has had to deal with high blood pressure, they are more likely to experience it as well. They may eat well, work out, and be in a healthy weight range and still battle high blood pressure. A doctor may prescribe medication to help your loved one lower their blood pressure to a healthy limit.

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