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Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors Get Outdoors This Summer

Your senior loved one's home care assistance provider can help encourage them to participate in outdoors this summer and get some much needed vitamin D.
Outdoor Activity: Home Care Assistance Denton TX
Outdoor Activity: Home Care Assistance Denton TX

Being outside is great for your mom’s mental, emotional, and physical health. When the weather cooperates and it’s not too hot or stormy to be outside. Encourage her to join you or her home care assistance provider outside. Here are some popular outdoor activities that suit older adults.


Flower gardens or gardens full of herbs, fruits, and vegetables are all options when it comes to gardening. Your mom can spend her time pulling weeds and thinning leaves from plants to ensure sunlight reaches the growing vegetables like tomatoes.

If your mom does grow her own fruits and vegetables, she’ll have fresh produce for many months of the year. That cuts prices at the grocery store and helps your mom take pride in knowing exactly where her produce came from and how it was grown.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a fun hobby that can pair with long or short walks. If your mom is still mobile, she can walk along a forest or river trail and spot birds along the way. If her mobility is limited, some bird feeders, flower gardens, shrubs, and trees set up the perfect backyard bird-watching area.

Purchase some binoculars and a bird book for your mom to identify what she sees. If she has a smartphone and is good with using technology, she can take photos and run them through Google Lens or bird-identifying apps to quickly identify what bird is in her yard.

Nature Walks

Walks in nature help you ease stress and get exercise at the same time. Look for trails that match your mom’s mobility level. If she needs a cane, look for level trails that are groomed regularly. A boardwalk path along a river might be ideal for her.

Miniature Golf

Does your mom like golf? If a regular course is too much for her now, consider miniature golf. She can play on a smaller course and have a lot of fun with her children and grandkids in the process.

Disc golf is another game to consider. Instead of a putter and ball, she throws a frisbee-like disk at a basket. This often involves a bit more walking on uneven terrain, so make sure that she’s up for the challenge.

What Happens When You’re Busy?

Have you had weeks where helping your mom as much as she needs is difficult to manage? You feel pulled in multiple directions and have little time left for your own self-care needs. Make sure you have time to take care of yourself by incorporating home care assistance into her weekly routine.

A caregiver can help her with some of her daily tasks, freeing up time for you to focus on what you need. Talk to a home care assistance specialist to learn more about the prices and services that help your mom age at home.

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