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Skilled Nursing Nutritional Tips For Seniors with Diabetes

Skilled nursing can help your senior loved one manage their diabetes by assisting with a proper nutritional plan.
Diabetes: Skilled Nursing Flower Mound TX
Diabetes: Skilled Nursing Flower Mound TX

At his last appointment, your dad’s doctor diagnosed him with diabetes. Your family is at a loss on how best to help him as he’s not taking it seriously. One area where you will be helping the most is his meals and snacks. What should he be eating and can skilled nursing help?

Eat Enough Vegetables

Vegetables are an essential part of any diet. Leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables are especially helpful as they can lower the risk of cancer too. Raw vegetables with yogurt and herb dip are great snacks. Roasted vegetable sandwiches with fresh mozzarella on toasted sourdough baguettes make for a quick and easy dinner.

Stick to Heart-Healthy Oils

Your dad needs to avoid fried foods and those with high amounts of saturated fat. If he loves Italian dressing, make it yourself using extra-virgin olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Avocado oil and walnut oil are also good choices for dressings.

If he wants garlic bread with his whole-wheat lasagna, serve a sourdough baguette with extra-virgin olive oil that’s infused with fresh garlic and black pepper. It’s just as tasty and better for him.

Avoid Sugar

Added sugar is found in a lot of foods that your dad may enjoy eating. He has to be very careful when shopping. The label may not always say sugar. It might say fructose, rice syrup, malt powder, dextrose, etc. There are a lot of different sugars out there, so ask a nurse what to look for.

Ask about artificial sweeteners. For years, doctors advised that diabetics use aspartame, sucralose, and other sugar substitutes. But, times are changing and studies are linking the use of some sweeteners to liver inflammation, leukemia, metabolic dysfunction, and more.

Use Fiber to Feel Full

Fiber helps you feel full for longer. Your dad should make sure he’s eating high-fiber foods each day. Lentils are high in fiber and packed with nutrients. Your dad can create healthy burger patties with grated mushrooms, minced onion, herbs, and cooked lentils.

Barley, steel-cut oats, and whole-grain pasta are ideal options for sides that are high in fiber. If your dad is after bread, sourdough and pumpernickel bread are better options than many store-bought whole wheat or white bread options.

Don’t ignore your dad’s care needs after a diabetes diagnosis. Work with skilled nursing to learn more about how he needs to test his sugar levels, what he should and shouldn’t eat, and what signs to watch for if there are complications. A skilled nurse can help educate your dad and the rest of the family on diabetes care.

Skilled nursing care is important if your dad has wounds that aren’t healing or had to have an amputation of a toe, foot, or lower leg. His nurse will help with his recovery and make sure he’s learning how to take care of himself. Arrange skilled nursing care services by making a call.

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