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In-Home Care Advice to Know When Your Loved One Needs Assistance

As your senior loved ones age, it can be hard to know what they need assistance with. In-home care has a variety of services that will tailor to their daily needs.
Senior Assistance: In-Home Care Lewisville TX
Senior Assistance: In-Home Care Lewisville TX

When loved ones notice that seniors are late to appointments, confused by directions, or not paying their bills, it might be time to assess the situation for in-home care needs. Determining if they need help and what level of help they need requires an overall assessment of their mental, physical, and environmental health. It also requires open communication with their medical team and the seniors themselves.

Having in-home care already in place helps loved ones monitor the situation and increase care as needed. The best thing loved ones can do for seniors is to ensure they have stability and support no matter what life throws their way. As seniors age, there are significant changes that impact their way of life. Being prepared helps loved ones create a plan that benefits everyone.

Mobility Issues Might Warrant the Need for In-Home Care

Over 25% of seniors fall annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Evaluating seniors’ homes for fall hazards is essential to ensure their safety. Although the environment might not be the only thing putting seniors at risk. Biological factors or medication issues might also decrease seniors’ stability. Paying attention to how loved ones move around their space and if there’s a pattern to mobility issues is key.

If loved ones have concerns about mobility, they can discuss the issue with the in-home care team and medical professionals. An assessment as to seniors might be having mobility issues is just as important as determining if they are. Medical professionals can discuss medication issues or health diagnoses that might interfere with the stability and what changes, if any, can be made.

Pay Attention to Seniors’ Mental Health

Many people feel down due to health issues or financial concerns. This is normal and happens at any age. If loved ones notice that seniors have depression that lingers or seems to worsen to the point that it impacts their day-to-day, it’s important to evaluate what is happening. Mood or energy swings, irritability or rage, lack of interest in once-enjoyable hobbies, difficulties sleeping or sleeping more than normal, and eating more or less than usual, may all point to a bigger problem than just occasional sadness.

It’s also important to note that depression can mimic dementia, leading to misdiagnosis. Seniors who are depressed may not concentrate as well, leading to situations that look like memory loss. Differentiating between depression and dementia is crucial. The addition of in-home care support can help loved ones notice patterns and concerns to help them evaluate the situation.

Determining When Seniors Need Assistance With Driving

Determining if it is safe for loved ones to continue driving is a necessary task. Unfortunately, it is also emotional and can cause many hurt feelings. To assess if seniors need help, it’s essential to ride with them and pay attention to their reaction times and focus.

Some driving issues are due to vision, medication, or cognitive issues, but knowing the why doesn’t make the determination that they can no longer drive any easier. When considering what additional assistance seniors may need, transportation is often a big factor. Thankfully, in-home care support can transport seniors, as well as run errands for them.

As seniors age, it is important for loved ones to build a strong support system to provide additional help when needed. This help is easily found by working with a home health care team that provides the needed services.

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