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Summer Pneumonia Is Definitely Possible

Lots of people think of pneumonia as a cold weather illness, but that’s not completely accurate.
Home Health Care Coppell, TX: Summer Pneumonia
Home Health Care Coppell, TX: Summer Pneumonia

Is it possible to get pneumonia in the summer? You might think that isn’t something that can happen at all, but many aging adults do end up with pneumonia no matter what time of year it is. This can occur for a variety of reasons, so it’s important that you and she both understand what she can do to avoid further complications from an unexpected bout of pneumonia. 

Pneumonia Can Become an Issue at Any Time 

Pneumonia is common during cold and flu season, but that doesn’t mean that pneumonia only occurs then. The reality is that the germs that cause pneumonia are always present and if your senior is more susceptible to them, that’s going to be a problem. Smokers, people with asthma, and people with COPD are most vulnerable. People over the age of 65 are also at greater risk. 

Symptoms of Pneumonia 

The symptoms of pneumonia are the same no matter what time of year someone experiences them, but they might be easier to overlook in the summer. Chest pain, a cough that persists, fever, and fatigue are among the most common symptoms. Sweating, chills, and coughing up mucus can also be signs of pneumonia. It’s always important to have any of these symptoms checked out by your senior’s doctor. 

Treating Pneumonia 

Treating pneumonia depends on the type of pneumonia that your senior has. Her doctor may run a variety of tests to determine exactly what type she has, and then may prescribe antibiotics or other treatments as necessary. Rest is going to help, and depending on how severe your senior’s illness is, she may need extra help. Home health care providers can assist with pneumonia recovery, ensuring that your loved one takes all of her medication, eats well, and is able to rest as much as possible. 

Preventing Pneumonia 

Preventing pneumonia might be easier than you suspect. Practicing good hygiene, especially with hand washing, can help significantly. Your senior’s doctor may also recommend that she gets a pneumonia vaccine on a yearly basis. Changing her diet and adding exercise can both help to bolster your elderly family member’s immune system, which is important if she’s been sick often. 

People with pneumonia can easily relapse if they’re not fully healed and try to do too much, too soon. Help your elderly family member to take the time that she needs in order to recover as much as she possibly can. 

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