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Teamwork Works: Another Grateful Hospice Family

Praise from a satisfied family: We are both thankful and blessed that Arcy's kind and loving team is at our side.

An existing patient’s husband writes on

My wife was diagnosed with PSP about 3-1/2 years ago. This is a neurological deterioration in the Parkinson’s family which causes continuing loss of life skills including balance, walking, swallowing, speech, vision, and it impacts emotional status as these losses increase. The Arcy team of nurses and CNA have been amazingly supportive, creative and diligent in helping me deal with her changing and declining conditions. Additionally, the office staff, the Social Services and the Chaplain have all been available, extremely supportive and wonderfully kind. Each person truly cares for both of us and has taken the time to listen to both my wife and me in understanding our needs. We are continuing forward with this journey and we are both thankful and blessed that Arcy’s kind and loving team is at our side.

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Jimmie Stapleton

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